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How to Learn Real Skills to
Get Hired in a Fulfilling Career You Love
Without Wasting Years in College and Racking Up MOUNTIANS of Debt.

12 weeks. Real projects. Real skills. Real impact. The most efficient and supportive way for you to learn in-demand skills, get hired, and start a purposeful career tackling the world’s greatest challenges.

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Office of Admissions

September 1st, 2022

Dear Future Student,

Why do you seek out education...?

For everyone it's different...

For some of you, success looks like monetary growth, traveling, starting a family, to be a productive member of society and can lead a fulfilling life… and education is your golden ticket.

For others, you want to be challenged. You want to be pushed to think differently and more carefully. You want to absorb and understand as much knowledge and experience as possible.

And for others of you, you're looking for a passion fueled education with practical skills for creating solutions that make a huge impact on the world.

Before I share with you MY GOAL for Project Purpose for YOU... let me ask you a few questions...

7 Questions Every Potential College Student, Career Switcher, & Ambitious Job Seeker Must Answer

Are you fed up with useless knowledge, and want to gain relevant skills and real world experiences that are ACTUALLY applicable for excelling in your career?

Are you worried there are not enough hours in a day to be a great employee, partner, or parent AND be a student, so you put your dream on the back burner?

Do you feel alone doing tons of hours of self education, and long for meaningful connections with a powerful network of engaged & supportive people?

Does traditional online education make you feel drained and tired, but you are motivated and driven by engaging experiences and solving real life problems?

Are you struggling to get a good paying job or advance your career, and feel despair that you won’t find work that is meaningful and makes an impact?

Are you afraid of graduating with MOUNTAINS OF DEBT to try and get a high quality education, but ending up with a useless degree?

Do you have a passion for learning and growing as a student, but want the freedom to do that in your own way?

If you answered “no” to all of these questions, great! You can close this page.

But if you nodded your head at least once and want to stop wasting time, money, or effort on outdated education models… 

And want to find a fulfilling career you're passionate about that changes the world for the better…

Then you’re about to read the letter you have been waiting for all your life. Keep reading.

3 Secret Paradoxes Higher Education Doesn't Want You To Know

If you're reading this letter, you're stuck in one of three paradoxes

Scenario 1

Maybe you’re deciding if college is right for you. Everyone says you should do it. It’s the next step. But you have no idea what you want to do, what you’re passionate about, and school is a drag…

You have a passion for learning and growing as a student, but want the freedom to do that in your own way.

Paradox: You fear putting yourself into extreme amounts of debt for a useless degree, but without it you don’t know how you won’t end up working at starbucks forever.

Scenario 2

Maybe you’re a recent grad entering a job market saturated with degreed professionals, and employers are demanding increasingly specialized experience for even entry-level jobs. 

Paradox: You spent 4 years, racked up a metric ton of debt, for the promise of a high paying career, but need “1-3 years experience” for entry-level jobs… but you have 0. 

So you take jobs you don’t want, feeling your education did prepare you for the “real world” and becomes a very expensive exercise in self-betterment with little tangible payoff.

Scenario 3

Maybe you’re dissatisfied with your current job and want to move to a more fulfilling career to get more out of life.

You see the chaos in this world. You want to utilize your existing talents and learn new skills to be a part of something that creates solutions and makes a positive impact on society.

But you already did 4 years in college…

Paradox: You fear spending upwards of $100,000 on more education that doesn't return what you want or expected. It's a significant investment and the ROI better be damn good.

But if you don’t, the opportunity cost of being stuck in a dead end job and not advancing your career is exponential. Even worse, think of the years of misery of being in a job you hate… 

I know what it feels like. I’ve been in your shoes.

Hi, I’m Brandon Stover

Founder of Plato University

I chased the promise of the golden ticket for a career in Architecture, going through 5 years of college for an accredited Master’s degree and $60,000 in debt… 

Eventually I found myself miserable because I finally realized something…

But before we get there, I want you to understand my motivations because I was just like you.

I was a poor kid from the trailer park living in a broken home, moved around several times, and watched many role models battle with drugs, incarceration, or attempted suicide…

Despite what these circumstances and what statistics would have you believe, I absolutely loved learning. 

There was something about being curious, challenging myself, and gaining knowledge about the world that left me intoxicated.

And of course my mom wanted me to live a better life and drove me to excel in school so I could get into college. 

And I did everything I could to get there:

Student of the month & year in multiple grade schools

Carried 4.0 GPA for entire school career

Took every "advanced/ gifted" program they had

Took the SAT's in middle school and applied for colleges

Took only 2 years of high school and moved on to college through "running start", graduating with my AA degree and diploma at the same time

Then finally came the day to go to a university...

I wanted what we all wanted. What we had been taught to want.

Go to a GOOD school. Get GOOD grades. Get a GOOD degree. Get a GOOD job. Get the hell out of the trailer park…

But really... I wanted to prove that circumstances don't determine your success. I wanted to make my mom proud.

Like you though, nowhere in the process had anyone asked me what I was truly passionate about or helped me to discover that for myself. 

They just put a catalog in front of me and said choose one…

So off to college I would go for architecture. But as I started checking off boxes to complete my degree I felt I was having the love of learning beat out of me. 

I was no longer doing this for myself but rather to just make sure I could pay the bills once I left, including the crippling debt I was racking up…

5 years later, graduation came. I felt like something had been missing from my time spent. Regardless, I was excited to put my knowledge to good use and start making an impact.

But… I had no job lined up, and spent months sending in 100’s of applications, doing dozens of interviews, sometimes for jobs that had nothing to do with my degree or I REALLY didn’t want.

Then, finally a breakthrough! I got my first job! And I would spend the next 3 years dreading going into work every day...

Doing work that was deeply unfulfilling... feeling like I was in a repeat cycle of wake, eat, go to hell (I mean work), eat, sleep, repeat...

One day I would find myself trembling at my desk, huge architectural drawings with glaring red lines scattered everywhere, staring at my reflection in the lifeless black computer monitors…

I began trembling, stomach turning, feeling someone poured concrete down my throat...

“Is this all there is to life? Is THIS what I worked so hard for?”

I became depressed about my life and enraged that I had just spent a huge chunk of it supposedly working towards something much more fulfilling.

Ultimately I had no meaning, impact, or sense of purpose in my life.

I kept asking myself questions like:

Why was I not passionate or felt prepared for life after college?

If we are supposed to make an impact, how are we supposed to do so without the skills we need?

And how are we supposed to even know what impact we want to make if we don’t even know ourselves?

And the ultimate question...

What Am I Going To Do With My Life?

The answer was Purpose.

In the depths of my despair, I had been listening to interviews of successful people on the podcast Impact Theory by Tom Bileyu. 

On the podcast Tom and several of his guests kept mentioning a book, “Man’s Search for Meaning” by Vicktor Frankl. I figured if it helped these people out, I might as well read it.

Reading that book I discovered what I was missing… a purpose

Vicktor Frankl says man’s heart is restless unless he has found, and fulfilled, meaning and purpose in life.

But what was that purpose for me?

To find out, I began a project of self-directed learning exploring passions, devouring books like they were water, listening to as many podcasts as I could cram in a day at 3x speed, investing in online courses, and interviewing dozens of social entrepreneurs making a difference in the world.

I started experimenting, building a portfolio of projects that allowed me to use the skills I was learning, some being utter failures, others getting me hired with mission driven companies.

During my journey, I had returned to something that had long been forgotten: a love of learning. I spent years researching the broken education system plaguing society. 

My purpose became a desire to revolutionize the education system, building one to help others also find purpose and solve global challenges.

In execution towards that purpose, I started Plato University whose free courses have reached over 100,000+ people worldwide.

And every day I wake up motivated by the purpose I am pursuing and fulfilled by my work.

See, this one simple formula changed my life forever…

Purpose = Meaningful to the Self + Consequential to the World

Let’s break this down.

The self is a culmination of your interests, personality, strengths, beliefs, emotions, memories, basically the software of your mind. Everything runs through these filters to determine meaning.

The second piece are actions consequential to the world. If we understand that society optimizes for what is good for the whole to continue, then actions in alignment with that are rewarded. And oftentimes, the bigger the challenge, the bigger the reward.

Our job is to align what is meaningful to the self with what is good for the whole of society.

But how do we bridge the gap between the two?


Skills have utility. Skills allow YOU, the individual, to take actions that solve real problems in the world.

And here’s the big secret higher education doesn't want you to know…Employers don’t care about your degree. What they care about is you have the SKILLS to solve the problems in THEIR world (their business). That’s what really gets you hired.

So you need real skills to fulfill your purpose. You need real skills to get a job. 

But… How are you going to learn these skills?


Project Purpose

Project Purpose is specifically designed to help you identify your passions, leverage them to solve problems, and most importantly gain relevant skills and experiences toward your career goals.

What you don’t need is more theory and concepts. Project Purpose provides a practical, action-oriented approach to learning skills with hands-on, real world experience.

Having spent years researching effective education models, we’ve found the bottlenecks to students’ success. 

Now we’re laser-focused on the elements that provide the biggest transformation, combining and amplifying what you love most:


The momentum of live cohorts where you work alongside a group of like-minded (yet diverse) peers.


A personalized education based on your interests and goals, learning only the exact skills YOU need to build the life you want (and get you hired!)

Join Project Purpose to...

Gain the future proof 5 C skills every employer is desperate for: Critical thinking, Creative Thinking, Communication, Collaboration, & Character

Develop highly in demand, practical skills applied to real problems from real organizations and fast track your way to getting hired

Discover your passions, turn them into purpose, use your skills to make a positive impact on society, and find a fulfilling career that's meaningful to you

Challenge yourself intellectually to grow outside of your comfort zone, and gain the confidence to think differently when solving problems

Build long lasting connections with interesting people and a network that can lead to future job opportunities in the future

Surround yourself with a support system of people who listen, understand, and help you when it’s needed.

Our curriculum will take you from...



Discover Real Problems from Real People

You will begin Project Purpose by gaining an important understanding about yourself, how you fit in the world, and what your strengths are for contributing to it. You will hear from industry experts about real world problems and build teams of passionate collaborators to tackle them.

All while:

Uncovering your true self to supercharge the sense of purpose you feel

Gaining highly sought after problem solving skills like critical thinking and systems thinking that employers are begging for

Increasing social intelligence by taking new perspectives and empathizing with those impacted by big issues

Learning to think like Elon Musk to define problems from first principles and uncover root causes


Learn In-Demand Practical Skills to Excel in Your Career

After exploring the problems you will work with your teams to start rapidly prototyping solutions, implementing the skills you are learning and testing your theories for how to solve big issues. You will show your ability to not just acquire knowledge, but begin putting it to real use.

All while:

Discovering your WHY in life to fuel your work with passion

Developing your creative thinking to ideate and solve real world problems even if you don’t think you are a creative person

Learning the secret design thinking process used by Google, Apple, and other innovative companies tackling big challenges

Leveraging team work and community to move fast and deliver results, skills desperately needed in the workforce


Gain Real Experience Solving Big Challenges for Impact

After testing your ideas, you will gain knowledge about which solutions are best and how to collaborate with your team to implement them. You will discover how you can channel your passions and purpose in a meaningful way towards career and life goals. This process will culminate in a Demo Day where you will share your solutions with industry professionals, family, and friends.

All while:

How to retrain your brain with an action mindset to go after BIG dreams and goals and make them a reality

Collaborating and building real solutions to real problems, demonstrating to employers you not only know these skills, but can ACTUALLY use them

How to confidently communicate and share your ideas to inspire others

Job search

Launch a Career in Mission Driven Startups

Finally, you’ll spend 4 weeks gaining clarity on your career goals while building a portfolio, resume, and personal brand guaranteed to get you hired. Boost the mechanics of your job search by mastering a range of areas, including storytelling, interviewing, and negotiation.

All while:

Finding a deep well of inspiration and meaning to help you get through all the challenges that life will inevitably throw at you

Developing a personalized job search plan to keep you accountable and make progress towards landing your dream job

Turning your work into portfolio pieces that gives you a competitive edge in the job market

Developing confidence through practice of your interview performance

Here’s Everything You’ll Get

12 LIVE Workshops

Work alongside Brandon and a cohort of passionate peers as you engage in active learning exercises that are both fun and challenging. You’ll learn in demand, real world skills and apply them to projects from real companies.

6 Personal Coaching Sessions

Most people who buy a course never complete it & that's why you are getting accountability & coaching. Meet bi-weekly with Brandon to develop your purpose, set goals, talk through progress and overcome challenges.

12 Group Coaching Sessions

The biggest downfall of online learning is not getting to know your fellow students and building friendships. Join your fellow learner in live coaching sessions specifically designed to increase emotional, social intelligence and build deep relationships that endure long after the course ends.

Demo Day with Employers

Learn how to confidently present big ideas and solutions, celebrate your hard work, and demonstrate your skills to potential employers by presenting to an audience of industry professionals, family, friends, and peers.

Portfolio of Real Projects

By the end of the first 8 weeks, you’ll have completed a project solving a real problem that you are proud of. Then you’ll spend 4 weeks learning how to leverage that project in your portfolio to tell a compelling story that captivates hiring managers’ attention and sets you apart.

Job Search Support

After you have mastered your skills, all of our energy goes into landing you a new job. You’ll build a job search plan working with your coach to find fulfilling careers with mission driven companies, tighten your interview skills and personal brand, and land your dream job.


Personalized Learning Plan for Every Skill You Need to Learn

It’s impossible to teach you every skill you need to learn in 12 weeks. And learning doesn’t stop. Which is why we will help you to create customized, self-paced learning paths tailored to your interests and to master skills demanded by employers. Our goal isn't to tell you what to learn, but instead how to learn so you can deconstruct and problem solve in your personal and professional life.

Weekly Schedule

12 weeks

8 week project; 4 week job search

3-4 hrs

every week in live social learning

15-20 hrs

total time for learning each week

Skill Course: Developing own skills in self-directed material
Personal Learning
9:30AM CT
Group Office Hours: Join peers in asking questions for project
Skill Course: Developing own skills in self-directed material
Personal Learning
1-1 Check-in w/ Coach
Skill Course: Developing own skills in self-directed material
Personal Learning
1-1 Check-in w/ Coach
Skill Course: Developing own skills in self-directed material
Personal Learning
1-1 Check-in w/ Coach
Skill Course: Developing own skills in self-directed material
Personal Learning
Here's how to get started joining...

Project Purpose

Getting started is easy. Just follow these 3 easy steps:

Fill out this quick zero cost application. (Don’t worry, we’re not like other colleges. There is no application fee.)

Personally meet with me on zoom for a 30-min coaching call to see if Plato University is right for you

Sign your Enrollment Agreement and finalize your tuition

We have a responsibility to deliver you a high quality education in a field that you have a passion for at a reasonable price point.

With Project Purpose, we could easily charge $5,000 for the full program…

Probably even $10,000 or more, like other colleges, but we’re different…

The total investment of the program is $1,994. BUT, you only invest $997 to get started (which covers the materials during the program) and you ONLY pay the rest IF you land a job afterwards!

Then In Exchange For That Small Investment, You Get ALL Of This:

12 LIVE Workshops with Brandon

($1997 Value)

6 One-on-one Coaching Sessions

($997 Value)

12 Group Coaching Sessions

($1997 Value)

Demo Day with Potential Employers

($297 Value)

Portfolio Real World Group Projects

($247 Value)

Job Search Training and Support

($997 Value)

Bonus: Personalized Learning Plan

($197 Value)

Total Value: $6,729
Get Started for Only $997

The total investment in Project Purpose is $1,994.
Invest 1/2 before the program and 1/2 ONLY if you land a job after!

If you want to find a fulfilling career and start living a life of purpose, then this is the project for you...

Apply Now!

So, What's The Catch...?

We're doing this project, because we KNOW that when you have success reaching your personal and professional goals through skill based education, you’re more likely to continue using Plato University to learn in the future…

That's it... that's our "evil" ulterior motive - for you to have success so you keep using our educational programs that are giving you that success.

So, why would I do this?

Because we have a philosophy here at Plato University, that we should be just as invested in your success as you are. We are partners, 50/50, in helping you achieve your goals.

Which is why we are taking on ½ the risk. If we can't help you land a job and make money, then we don't deserve yours.

So our goal is to help you land a job... then hopefully you'll choose to re-invest some of your income into the programs we sell.  

Does that sound more than fair? :)

Apply Now!
Don't just take our word for it...


Chase wants to improve mental health and build a community of designers

Meet Chase Morris and hear about his journey joining the Plato community and how it changed how he was learning.

"Coming into the Plato community gave me the accountability, made what I wanted to accomplish completely achievable, and also it was just completely fun."

Others who have succeed with our courses and programs:

Reviewer Headshot
Courtney Laschkewitsch
Open Innovation Product Developer

Holy cow. Brandon is the real deal. I've taken many many courses on many platforms from others, and I will have to say, when I took his Podcast Course, it was one of the best courses, material, and set up I have ever seen. No fluff, no wasting your time, actionable reachable SMART steps necessary to help you learn the skill and succeed. We need more people with the skills Brandon has!

Reviewer Headshot
Pam Davis
Class Coach @ JRNI

"I am not a techy person so was unsure of what was to come. Help was there and Brandon literally thought of everything. I loved how the program was broken down into manageable chunks. With patience and knowledge, Brandon guided us to come up with WHY of doing our unique podcast. We had a meaningful focus as we built each part. I am grateful for the experience and support that I received and would highly recommend working with Brandon Stover. You will receive more than you expect and be equipped to build your podcast and bring your voice to the world."

Reviewer Headshot
Stacy Kehren Idema
Business & Performance Coach

"I loved Brandon's approach, his teaching style, and his support structure that enables you to launch your podcast (and be able to monetize it) in 60 days. The program takes you from the very beginning stages through the journey to monetization. I was able to launch my podcast in less than 6 months and leveraged the material over and over again while writing, hosting, producing 50 podcast episodes of my 1st podcast. His material was top-notch and reusable. I can't wait to launch my 2nd podcast!"

Reviewer Headshot
Harrison Goldstein
Product & Partnerships @ Tradable Bits, Host of First Act Podcast

"I came to Brandon through his course on how to start your own podcast. Brandon's episodes stood out to me by how well organized they were. His ideas are clearly articulated and he breaks down exactly how to understand your target audience. Brandon is smart, approachable, friendly, and helpful. Highly recommend!"

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What Would You Rather Do: Sit in a boring lecture or experience learning real skills?


Project Purpose is NOT about spoon feeding theories you don’t care about and quizzing you later so you can earn a degree you never use…

It’s about working on problems you care about to learn real, practical skills that are ACTUALLY applicable to everyday life, excelling in your career, and making an impact in the world.

Traditional University

Learn in a one-size-fits-all program

Waste your time learning outdated topics that employers don't care about

An endless cycle of lectures, reading and quizzing

Get frustrated receiving minimal support

No career support, getting pushed you off the cliff with a “good luck”

Zero focus on understanding who you are or what you want in life

Learn in a personalized model based on your interests and goals

Learn in-demand skills that are actually being used by top startups and companies

Hands-on projects based on real problems in the real world

Be part of a community of students and coaches to help you every step of your journey.

One-on-one career coaching and resources to help you find and get the job you want

Helps you understand your purpose to find meaningful work and live a fulfilling life

Is Project Purpose Right For You?

Project Purpose is for ambitious learners and aspiring, young professionals who want meaningful careers with impact.

College Avoiders

You skipped college and now are working a minimum wage job. No problem. Traditional college is not for everyone. Learn the skills necessary to gain higher-paying jobs in fast-growing social impact industries.

Recent Grads

Did your degree turn out not to be as lucrative or fulfilling as you thought? Get highly in-demand skills in a meaningful career quickly without having to go back to traditional college for more degrees.

Early Career Changers

You're early in your career and found out you loathe the work you do. You want to transition from your current role to a better, more fulfilling career.

This is Not Right For Everyone

This is NOT for you, if :

You’re looking for a 'quick fix' to get any job and don’t want to use your skills to build a fulfilling career helping and serving others.

You're mostly looking for high-level theory and don't want to get your hands dirty building real projects and learning from your mistakes.

You require an accredited degree for further education or seeking jobs with traditional credential (doctors, lawyers, accountants, psychologists, etc)

You're not serious about your dreams, ready to invest in yourself and are looking for the cheapest way to learn.

This is Perfect for you, if :

You're purpose-driven: looking for meaning, and want to have a massive impact on the world

You're rebellious: questioning the status quo and looking to take an unconventional path to building your career

You're curious: consistently learning about yourself, others, and the world around you to experience the best version of yourself

You're goal-orientated: serious about taking responsibility for your own learning development & you’re ready to go all in on YOU.

We're so confident that you will love this experience that we offer a


I guarantee that if you participate in Project Purpose, show up for the live workshops and coaching, implement what you learn, by the time the program is done, you will have real tangible skills and portfolio projects you can leverage for getting a job in a field you're passionate about.

If for some reason you don't feel like that is true, then just let us know within the first 30 days of the program, and we will refund your full payment, no questions asked.

Pretty simple.

But if you're like most people, this experience will change how you learn (and for some of you, it'll change your life!)

Apply Now!

A Final Word From Brandon

Imagine what it would be like to live a life of purpose, using your skills in a fulfilling career, changing the world for the better, enriching the lives of those around you….

That you could feel more confident in yourself and prepared to navigate your way through the next phases of life.…

You could tackle any problems and learn quickly whenever you needed to add other skills or adjust your strategies.…

If you want to be paid to pursue your purpose for a living, you cannot afford not to invest in the most valuable asset you own – your skills.

You can’t afford to learn useless knowledge that is not applicable in the real world for actually reaching your goals…

It’s time to undertake Project Purpose and fully unlock the potential you know you are capable of.

Don't spend 10 years figuring out how to turn your passions into creating solutions that make a huge impact on the world like I did. Don't reach the end of your career wondering if you were actually capable of more...

Here’s What To Do Next

You’re standing at a crossroads. To the left is the same rough, rocky road you have been traveling. To the right is the road fewer people will choose. 

This road is not harder, it’s different. Choosing the right road makes all the difference. I’m hoping you’ll choose the right road.

From here it's just finalizing the details. Click on the button below to apply.

Apply Now!

Thanks for taking the time to read this letter and I look forward to hearing your success story at the end of the program!

Brandon Stover
Founder of Plato University

P.S. In case you're one of those people (like me) who just skips to the end of the letter, here's the deal:

When you get started with Project Purpose (for only $997 upfront) you’ll get a 12 week experience where you work with myself, and a cohort of passionate learners like you to find your purpose, learn skills and create a portfolio project to get you hired.

PLUS, you’ll get 6 one on one coaching sessions, 12 group coaching sessions, and ongoing job search training and support.

Oh, and if for some crazy reason you don't love the program in the first 30 days - tell us and we'll refund your $997.  

Sound fair? Then what are you waiting for!?!  Apply to Project Purpose today!

Here's a recap of everything you get when you...


12 LIVE Workshops with Brandon

($1997 Value)

6 One-on-one Coaching Sessions

($997 Value)

12 Group Coaching Sessions

($1997 Value)

Demo Day with Potential Employers

($297 Value)

Portfolio Real World Group Projects

($247 Value)

Job Search Training and Support

($997 Value)

Bonus: Personalized Learning Plan

($197 Value)

Total Value: $6,729
Get Started for Only $997

The total investment in Project Purpose is $1,994.
Invest 1/2 before the program and 1/2 ONLY if you land a job after!

If you want to find a fulfilling career and start living a life of purpose, then this is the project for you...

Apply Now!

Still have questions?

What is Plato University?

Plato University is the alternative, online university that turns your passions into purpose by helping you master skills to launch a career solving global challenges. We are the best alternative to traditional master's programs providing a path for aspiring, young professionals seeking meaningful careers at high-growth, social impact startups. Our programs combine personalized curriculum, passionate community, and purposeful careers to help you make an impact on the world.

Who should apply?

Plato University was built for aspiring young professionals who want to turn their passions into purposeful careers and make an impact on the world. Our students are typically 18-35 early in their careers with 0-5 years of professional experience.

If you are considering Plato University you might be a:

  • Non-degree holder in low income job: you skipped college and now are working a minimum wage job. You are looking to access new higher-paying jobs in fast-growing industries without getting a college degree.

  • Underemployed recent grad: you got a degree but are struggling to get a professional job so you are working at Starbucks. You need additional support, guidance and skills development to secure an entry level position.

  • Career changer: your early in your career and found out you loathe the work you do. You want to transition from your current role to a better, more fullfilling career.

To be a good fit for Plato University, you are probably:

  • Purpose-driven: looking for meaning, and want to have a massive impact on the world

  • Rebellious: questioning the status quo and looking to take an unconventional path to building your career

  • Curious: consistently learning about yourself, others, and the world around you

  • Goal-orientated: take responsibility for your own learning development & have mental fortitude to reach long term goals.

Who Plato is not a good fit for...

We don't pretend that we are the right education solution for everyone. We are here to serve those who wish to take a non traditional path towards education that will help them change the world.

For this reason, we are not well suited for those who:

  • Want the traditional on campus college experience

  • Are seeking jobs requiring long traditional schooling or credentials (doctors, lawyers, accountants, psychologists, etc)

  • Want to become technical engineers or developers. We recommend looking into coding bootcamps.

  • Require an accredited degree for further education. Currently we are unaccredited but are working towards accreditation.

What is the time commitment like?

Project purpose is a program specifically designed for those with busy lives. That said, it’s a commitment. Real change takes time, effort, and a willingness to show up. This time is for you. We expect that you have at least 15-20 hours a week to go through this program. This includes live Zoom workshops and coaching.

What is the curriculum and learning experience like?

The program is completed over 12 weeks; 8 weeks focused on developing a project focused on solving real problems and 4 weeks preparing for the job search.

Over the 12 weeks we will cover:

  • Week 1: Problem Introductions, form teams, connect with real stakeholders

  • Week 2: Empathizing with Stakeholders; Research; Critical Thinking

  • Week 3: Defining the Problem; Research; Systems & Root Cause Analysis

  • Week 4: Ideation & Problem Solving; Creative Thinking; Experimenting

  • Week 5: Ideation & Problem Solving; Creative Thinking; Experimenting

  • Week 6: Collaboration; Prototyping; Decision Making

  • Week 7: Collaboration; Prototyping; Solution Building

  • Week 8: Communication; Demo Day

  • Week 9: Job Search Plan

  • Week 10: Portfolios and Jobs

  • Week 11: Interview Prep

  • Week 12: Follow-up & Negotiation

During those weeks you will participate in:

  • Live Workshops: 90 min workshops to in demand, real world skills and apply them to projects from real companies.

  • Personal One-on-One Coaching: bi-weekly 30-60 min coaching sessions to develop your purpose, set goals, talk through progress and overcome challenges

  • Group Coaching: 120 min coaching sessions to increase emotional, social intelligence and build deep relationships

  • Group Office Hours: Optional drop-ins to get further support with projects

Our model is also based on evidence-based methodologies and the latest findings from the science of learning including: Active Learning, Challenge-based Learning, Project-based Learning, Problem-based Learning and Competency-based learning.

Is this a fully remote, online program?

Yes. Plato University is run entirely remotely. This enables participation from all corners of the world with a diverse community. Additionally, being online offer you flexibility in your program. For example, you don't have to go to campus and sit in a classroom. You can move faster through courses. You are largely independent in your education but you will still be able to engage with a vibrant community and the Plato University support team.

What does it cost?

Affordability is part of our mission: we want you to access high-quality, online education, no matter where you live in the world. The total cost of tuition is $1997. BUT, you only invest $997 to get started (which covers the materials during the program) and you ONLY pay the rest IF you land a job afterwards! There are no additional fees or taxes.

Is Plato University currently accredited?

Plato University is Project Purpose is a certificate program. It does NOT confer a degree or a diploma. Most employers are not concerned with whether you have an accredited education but rather you have the skills they need to solve problems and create solutions for their businesses and organizations. However we plan to become accredited in the future. Accreditation takes time and, as we're a new university, we haven't quite built up the data we need. As an alternative we offer credentialed certificates that signal to employers your skills. If you need an official course credit or accredited degree this may not be a fit for your journey.

How will Plato University help me launch a career?

Plato University was designed to help you start a career in field of impact you care about. Our curriculum directly addresses the skills and knowledge that employers seek today, and that will continue to be necessary in the coming decades. To support job placement, you will first get to work with ICF-certified professional coaches to help build clarity around your professional goals. Our career success team will then help you build your portfolio and host career workshops around communication, networking, and outreach. During the process, you will also get to meet industry experts who will help you understand each role better in terms of the skills you need to build. Finally, our team will set up mock interviews for you with professionals already working in the desired role.

What if I don't know what my passions are or what I want to study?

No worries! Our coaches are here to help you understand and discover that. We will help you to foster a deeper understanding of yourself, your interests, passions and talents, as well as your aspirations and goals. We will then help you navigate the courses and career possibilities that exist matching those passions so you get the most out of your time at Plato University.

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