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How to Start a Podcast

The step by step guide to launch a successful podcast without any tech skills or experience producing content!

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Brandon Stover
Taught by:
Brandon Stover
Founder of Plato University
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Course Overview

Brandon Stover from the Evolve Podcast teaches you how to make, market, & monetize your podcast in 60 days. With step by step guidance, you'll learn how to attract your ideal listener, share your story, and help hundreds with your message. Brandon reveals what it really takes to successfully launch a podcast, without being techie or producing bad content.

What You Will Learn

  • How to start, grow, and monetize your own podcast
  • Equipment you need to get started
  • Recording solo episodes and interviews
  • How to stay consistent with content creation
  • Landing big time guests
  • Setting up your website, show notes, and more
  • Publishing your podcast to all major planforms
  • Strategies to grow your podcast to get more monthly downloads
  • How to record a high quality podcast
  • Edit your own podcast with free and professional apps
  • Why you should start a podcast today to grow your brand
  • Launch your podcast successfully and jump in the rankings
  • Monetize your podcast with sponsorships, products, affiliate marketing, and donations

What You Will Achieve

Successfully launching a well produced podcast

Mastering the technical elements like a pro

Consistently growing your audience every episode

Who is This Course For

  • You have a message and a mission to share with the world
  • You want to grow your brand, business, and your audience
  • You want to start a podcast and don't have the time to figure it out on your own
  • You have a podcast and want to grow your audience and generate revenue

What This is Course About

Don't Just Take My Word For It

Harrison Goldstein
Harrison Goldstein
Product & Partnerships @ Tradable Bits, Host of First Act Podcast

"I came to Brandon through his course on how to start your own podcast. Brandon's episodes stood out to me by how well organized they were. His ideas are clearly articulated and he breaks down exactly how to understand your target audience. Brandon is smart, approachable, friendly, and helpful. Highly recommend!"

Chase Morris
Chase Morris
UX Motion Designer @ UX in Motion

"Coming into the Plato community gave me the accountability, made what I wanted to accomplish completely achievable, and also it was just completely fun."

Pam Davis
Pam Davis
Class Coach @ JRNI

"I am not a techy person so was unsure of what was to come. Help was there and Brandon literally thought of everything. I loved how the program was broken down into manageable chunks. With patience and knowledge, Brandon guided us to come up with WHY of doing our unique podcast. We had a meaningful focus as we built each part. I am grateful for the experience and support that I received and would highly recommend working with Brandon Stover. You will receive more than you expect and be equipped to build your podcast and bring your voice to the world."

Stacy Kehren Idema
Stacy Kehren Idema
Business & Performance Coach

"I loved Brandon's approach, his teaching style, and his support structure that enables you to launch your podcast (and be able to monetize it) in 60 days. The program takes you from the very beginning stages through the journey to monetization. I was able to launch my podcast in less than 6 months and leveraged the material over and over again while writing, hosting, producing 50 podcast episodes of my 1st podcast. His material was top-notch and reusable. I can't wait to launch my 2nd podcast!"

Courtney Laschkewitsch
Courtney Laschkewitsch
Open Innovation Product Developer

Holy cow. Brandon is the real deal. I've taken many many courses on many platforms from others, and I will have to say, when I took his Podcast Course, it was one of the best courses, material, and set up I have ever seen. No fluff, no wasting your time, actionable reachable SMART steps necessary to help you learn the skill and succeed. We need more people with the skills Brandon has!

Couse Curriculum

Learn how to make, market, and monetize your podcast in just 10 minutes a day!

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Setting Up

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Content Creation

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Meet Your Learning Facilitator

Brandon Stover

Brandon Stover

Founder of Plato University

Brandon is the Founder of Plato University, where you can get a personalized education built around your passions, highly in-demand, real world skills, and the impact you want to make. Being a poor kid from the trailer park living in a broken home, he knows the power of education to transform ones life. But after chasing education's promise of a golden ticket, he graduated with a degree in a career he was not passionate about or felt would make a real difference in the world. Ultimately he had no meaning, impact, or sense of purpose in his life. Since then, he's surrounded himself with and learned from dozens of social entrepreneurs making a difference in the world, built half a decade of experience as a designer, marketer, and educator for mission driven companies, and built educational programs that have reached over 80,000 people.

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How It Works


10-20 min. Lesson

Short, daily lessons to easily understand concepts step by step until they are mastered.


Project Activity

Each lesson has project activities that can be completed in under 1 hour.


Extra Resources

Extra resources, coaching, & community questions to help you go deeper.

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Mastery Based Learning

Mastery-based learning is an instructional approach where students need to demonstrate a deep level of understanding of a topic  before progressing onto another. For this reason, our courses are broken down into short lessons with activities for a project that build on top of each other. As you complete activities you will begin to master the skills taught in the course and be able to apply those skills in real life.

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How to Start a Podcast

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