Our Mission

Our mission is to provide free education for the betterment of humanity.

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Why is this your mission?

why education is crucial for humanity

What Do You Believe?

Education Is The Root Of All Other Systems

We believe that education underlies all other complex problems in our society. If we solve the problems in the education system, we can prepare students with the skills they need to solve all other global challenges. When an individual learns to solve problems important and close to them, their capacity for problem solving increases beyond their own life, possibly to global levels. At the same time, the undertaking of responsibility beyond the self cultivates a sense of purpose. Education of each individual becomes the primary intervention in addressing the crises of our time.

What are your Operating Principles?

Our values turned into action


Education should be freely available to all.

It is the foundation upon which humanity thrives. There should be as minimal barriers to knowledge as possible.


Do what you say, say what you mean.

Act with radical honesty, transparency, and integrity.  No bs.


Pursue purpose.

We strive to develop a sense of purpose among all individuals, aligning what is meaningful to them and consequential to society.


Change starts with the individual.

Complex systems are defined by their individual parts and the summation of those parts as a whole. Intervention at the level of the individual will effect the larger global society. Every person has the ability to change, adapt, and grow.


Real skills to solve real problems.

Take ownership for all problems, including global ones, regardless of who is to blame, and hold yourself responsible for creating a solution. Learn whatever skills are necessary in order to do so.

What is your master plan?

Our Roadmap to building a new university

Free Online Courses

In Stage 1, our focus is to provide free online courses covering topics that are not covered in traditional universities with an emphasis on solving individual and global challenges. These courses are widely distributed through podcasts and YouTube to reach as many people as possible. Additional resources and further learning material will provided on the Plato platform.

Live Fellowship Programs

In Stage 2 we will deliver live, 12 week fellowship programs where students declare missions, rather than majors, and master skills associated with their chosen mission. Students will work alongside other fellows on real world projects associated with their mission and skill based curriculum. The fellowship will serve as evidence for accreditation.

Decentralized Learning Hubs

Stage 3 will be acquiring real estate across the country (and globe eventually) for multi-use buildings where students can live and learn alongside other fellows. Students will be allowed to move between these hubs to locate themselves for the best environment and opportunities for resources necessary to learn skills for achieving their missions.

What Has Been Your Impact So Far?

Education Impacts Everything

Solutions to global challenges can come from anyone, anywhere. We're on a mission provide free education for the betterment of humanity, and with the help of generous supporters like you, we're getting closer every day.

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From our Founder

Hey I'm Brandon Stover.

Being a poor kid from the trailer park living in a broken home, I know the power of education to transform ones life. But after chasing education's promise of a golden ticket, I graduated with a degree in a career I was not passionate about or felt would make a real difference in the world. Ultimately I had no meaning, impact, or sense of purpose in my life.

Since then, I've surrounded myself with and learned from dozens of social entrepreneurs making a difference in the world, built half a decade of experience as a designer, marketer, and educator for mission driven companies, and built educational programs that have reached over 100,000+ people.

I truly believe that evolution of the world requires evolution of the individual. Constantly evolving myself through learning, I'm obsessed with how I can deliver this power to others and scale its impact. So now, I'm on a mission to help others become the hero of their own story by giving them the belief, willpower, & skills to change their life and discover a fulfilling purpose to change the lives of others.

That's why I'm building Plato University, so you’ll have the opportunity to find purpose in your life and make a real difference in the world. Join us.

together we can change the world.

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