Our Mission

Help You to Become a Hero & Save The World

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Our Mission

Our mission is to become a radically new model for higher education, liberating individuals with skills for better career outcomes, more life fulfillment, and solving the world's greatest challenges.

Our Vision

Our vision is a world where every individual has access to education that will help them find purpose in solving global challenges that create a better future for all of humanity.

What is your Philosophy?

two Fundamental beliefs

Evolution of the world requires evolution of the individual

Our world is made up of interconnected complex systems. Complex systems are defined by their individual parts and the summation of those parts as a whole. If you wish to create an intervention within a complex system you can either change the entire system, which will result in a change of its parts, or you can change the parts, which will result in changing the entire system. So we believe that an intervention at the level of the individual will effect the larger global society.

education is the root of all other systems

We believe that education underlies all other complex problems in our society. If we solve the problems in the education system, we can prepare students with the skills they need to solve all other global problems. So education of each individual becomes the primary intervention in addressing the complex systems of our world.

Why does Higher Education need change?

Higher Education is not meeting our needs

Need for Meaning & Purpose

According to Enso's World Value Index, 91% of people expressed importance to live life with a sense of purpose. Yet, people are suffering from depression worldwide and suicide is a leading cause of death for young people. Our systems of education have neglected moral, social, and emotional development, along with other types of education that enhance individual experience beyond what is necessary for entrance into the labor market.

Need for Talent & Skills

Technological innovations are outpacing the available skilled talent. The World Economic Forum predicts over 50% of the one billion global knowledge workers are projected to need upskilling or retraining to avoid being pushed into under- or unemployment. By 2030, this global shortage of skilled talent is projected to result in an $8.5 trillion loss.
Globalization, automation, skills becoming redundant in a time of rapid transformation and growing demand for different skills — these are the drivers of the skills gap in our global economy.

Need for Global Solutions

The dawn of the 21st century has proven to be a critical time in global transformation where humanity has fundamentally impacted our planetary and societal complex systems to the point of crisis. Climate change, poverty, pandemics, social injustices — the global problems needing solutions are beginning to stack up. For humanity to continue it’s evolution, we believe that higher education must play a critical role in preparing individuals with skills to solve these problems.

What is your solution?

helping students master skills to change the world

Our solution is to liberate and educate individuals with the belief, willpower, and skills to transform their life & discover a fulfilling purpose to change the lives of others. So we are building an alternative, online university that turns your passions into purpose by helping you master skills to launch a career solving global challenges.

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What are your core values?

every day is an opportunity to turn values into action


Put Students First

We have a relentless focus on creating the best educational experience and outcomes for our students. They are the heros.


Be Purpose Driven

We strive to develop a sense of purpose among all individuals. Be the change you seek in the world and alighn your actions your purpose.


Take Extreme Ownership

We take ownership for all problems, including global ones, regardless of who is to blame, and hold ourselves responsible for creating a solution.


Question the Status Quo

We do not accept things as they are without questioning their principles. We challenge conventional thinking, seeking novel solutions when necessary.


Nurture Curiosity

We remain deeply curious about ourselves and the world. We act with the notion that the more we know, the less we truly understand.


Foster Evolution

Every person has the ability to change, adapt, and grow. From the individual to the world at large, everything can be positively changed.


Cut through the BS

Act with radical candor, transparency, and integrity.  We seek open and honest dialogue while addressing others with heartfelt emotion.


Only Execution Matters

Knowledge is only potential power. One must master & apply the knowledge in real life in order to make real change and progress forward.

How do you serve your students?

Our promises to our students

We promise to help students discover themselves, their purpose, and equip them with the skills necessary to reach self actualization through solving the greatest challenges of our time.

We promise to focus on outcomes that improve a student's life satisfaction, career trajectory, and quantity and quality of solutions created towards global issues.

We promise to offer flexible pathways and personalization that prepare non traditional students of diverse backgrounds for life after graduation, personally and professionally.

We promise to root education in real world contexts within society, focusing not only on knowledge acquisition, but mastery and application of that knowledge.

We promise to develop education and skills training that can be delivered at scale to meet the growing and ever-evolving needs of a global society.

We promise to operate on lean principles and focus revenue on services that directly benefit a student's learning in order to create radically affordable education.

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