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Your Wisdom Into Actionable Education

We help experts and organizations create mastery, skill based online courses and remote active learning programs so their knowledge can help impact thousands of people.

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Who Does Plato University Help?

From experts to organizations, we can transform your Theoretical knowledge Into Practical Application.

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Expert Thought Leaders

You’re an expert in your field, but you don’t know how to educate others about your knowledge in the age of the internet. Not to worry. We help turn your decades of experience into easily digestible, actionable lessons for others to understand and implement.

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Mission Driven Organizations

You're a business or non-profit with a mission to solve problems and better people’s lives. Through your work you have gained expertise about the problem and solution. Now you want to share that knowledge with others. We can help you create the next wave of change makers.

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Innovative Ed Tech Startups

You’re an educator or startup who is challenging the current paradigms in education. You need help creating innovative programs that truly help people learn. Our experience establishing Plato University gives us profound expertise in every aspect of learning development.

How Does Plato University's Learning Experience Design Work?

Creating mastery Courses and active learning programs backed by technology and the science of learning.

Learning Experience Design Model

Online Course & Curriculum Design

Online courses and curriculum are designed using Plato’s Mastery Based Learning, which emphasizes skills instead of content. Our approach helps learners turn theory into practice, applying skills across numerous contexts. These skills are derived from your expertise and program objectives, then interwoven throughout the course sequences, including lesson plans, activities, and experiential project-based programming.

Online course architecture with lesson plans, projects, and activities

Creation of multimedia assets including graphics, documents, videos, or audio

Support disseminating complex knowledge into easy to understand concepts and skills

Fully Active Learning Programs

Based on decades of cognitive and behavioral research in the science of learning, we design remote learning programs that engage learners in active participation with knowledge and skill application, rather than passive consumption. Learners engage in self directed learning before class, participate in lively activities during class, and gain support with mentors or coaches after.

Empowering self learning outside of class and deep engagement within class

Online classes are constructed using a range of collaborative activities

Dynamic discussion fostered equally between instructors and learners

Learning Scaled With Technology

Using the latest technology ranging from open source learning resources, no code tools, and AI hacks, we will help you build systems tailored to your remote learning programs and deliver a robust learning experience.

Integrate with existing LMS or custom build using Webflow

Develop management systems with easy to us no code tools for delivery

Support learners with additional content using open source resources

What Is The Design Process?

Our 5-D Process Guided By Learning Experience Designers



Our learner first approach starts with understanding what your learners desire to know. We run surveys, learner interviews, and community research to compile questions to be answered.



We collaborate with you to define learning outcomes and turn this into a cohesive design plan including learning program structure and curriculum architecture.



We help you develop each component of your remote learning program and online courses with assets, learning management systems, and technology for program launch and delivery.



We help launch your programs with ongoing technical, academic, experiential, and operational support, depending on your needs.



Following launch, we help collect feedback from students and measure the impact of your program to provide insight into opportunities for refinement and expansion.

Take The First Step

Schedule a free 60 minute strategy call with us to begin turning your knowledge into a phenomenal learning experience. No hard sells.

We’re pretty confident that with the value you receive in learning how to design programs on our call, you’ll be ready to invest in the same experience for your learners. Then together we can take your learners one step closer to a better world.

See Our Work In Action

Case Studies With Our Amazing Partners

Plato University Case Study

Plato University Courses

We designed a new model for higher education that matches learners passions to global challenges. Then, we developed and facilitated courses and learning experiences to help learners gain the skills to solve those challenges.

See Case Study
The Democracy Group Case Study

TDG Podcast Fellowship

We designed, created, and facilitated a 12 week remote program, leveraging expertise from The Democracy Group (TDG) network and partners, for Generation Z leaders to start podcasts and build an audience strengthening democracy by engaging diverse viewpoints and bridging political divides.

See Case Study
see Our Expertise

Learn How To Create Learning Experiences

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September 18, 2023
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What is Mastery Based Learning?

In this post, I share what Mastery Based Learning is, why it's more effective than traditional learning, and how you can implement it into an online course.

Brandon Stover
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September 11, 2023
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5 Expert Tips to Create Audio Lessons for Online Courses

In this post, I share 5 tips for creating audio lessons for your online courses.

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September 4, 2023
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A Framework to Teach Anything: What, Why, How

In this post, I share the What, Why, How framework, which we use to teach everything from a 5 minute lesson to hour long workshops.

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Don't just take our word for it

Our Partners and Learners Say It Best

Jenna Spinelle Headshot

The Democracy Group wanted to help Gen Z students start podcasts about democracy.

"Brandon is really great at handling both the high level details and ideation of a new learning idea, and also the very granular details of how a [learning] session should go."

- Jenna Spinelle, Founder of The Democracy Group

Liz Joyner Headshot

The Village Square wanted to enhance their knowledge about podcasting.

"Brandon makes these wonderful videos that are incredibly easy to understand, takes complex information and puts them in a streamlined way that even I can understand it."

- Liz Joyner, Founder of The Village Square

Chase Morris Headshot

Chase wanted to improve mental health and build a community of designers.

"Coming into the Plato community gave me the accountability, made what I wanted to accomplish completely achievable, and also it was just completely fun."

- Chase Morris, Learner at Plato University

Reviewer Headshot
Courtney Laschkewitsch
Open Innovation Product Developer

Holy cow. Brandon is the real deal. I've taken many many courses on many platforms from others, and I will have to say, when I took his Podcast Course, it was one of the best courses, material, and set up I have ever seen. No fluff, no wasting your time, actionable reachable SMART steps necessary to help you learn the skill and succeed. We need more people with the skills Brandon has!

Reviewer Headshot
Chase Morris
UX Motion Designer @ UX in Motion

"Coming into the Plato community gave me the accountability, made what I wanted to accomplish completely achievable, and also it was just completely fun."

Reviewer Headshot
Pam Davis
Class Coach @ JRNI

"I am not a techy person so was unsure of what was to come. Help was there and Brandon literally thought of everything. I loved how the program was broken down into manageable chunks. With patience and knowledge, Brandon guided us to come up with WHY of doing our unique podcast. We had a meaningful focus as we built each part. I am grateful for the experience and support that I received and would highly recommend working with Brandon Stover. You will receive more than you expect and be equipped to build your podcast and bring your voice to the world."

Reviewer Headshot
Stacy Kehren Idema
Business & Performance Coach

"I loved Brandon's approach, his teaching style, and his support structure that enables you to launch your podcast (and be able to monetize it) in 60 days. The program takes you from the very beginning stages through the journey to monetization. I was able to launch my podcast in less than 6 months and leveraged the material over and over again while writing, hosting, producing 50 podcast episodes of my 1st podcast. His material was top-notch and reusable. I can't wait to launch my 2nd podcast!"

Reviewer Headshot
Harrison Goldstein
Product & Partnerships @ Tradable Bits, Host of First Act Podcast

"I came to Brandon through his course on how to start your own podcast. Brandon's episodes stood out to me by how well organized they were. His ideas are clearly articulated and he breaks down exactly how to understand your target audience. Brandon is smart, approachable, friendly, and helpful. Highly recommend!"

Plato University Education Model
What Makes Us Different

Creating Purpose For Your Learners

Because Plato University is laser focused on helping people find purpose, we are the only partner equipped with a deep understanding of learner motivation. Combined with our expertise in major global challenges, we know how to turn that motivation into action aimed at solving real world problems. With us, your knowledge will truly change people’s lives.

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Schedule A Free Strategy Call

Schedule a free 60 minute strategy call with us to begin turning your knowledge into a phenomenal learning experience. No hard sells.

What’s the Catch?

At Plato University we believe that education is the root underlying all other problems our world faces. So whether you take the strategy from this call and implement it yourself, or you work with us saving you time and energy, we want you to succeed in delivering your knowledge to learners. 

We’re pretty confident that with the value you receive in learning how to design programs on our call, you’ll be ready to invest in the same experience for your learners. Then together we can take your learners one step closer to a better world.

Does that sound more than fair?