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What is Plato University?

Plato University is a non-profit on a mission to provide free education for the betterment of humanity. We match students passions with global challenges, teaching them skills not taught at traditional universities. We do this through online courses, fellowships, and learning networks.

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How to Solve Climate Change

Discover the causes, systems, obstacles, and a portfolio of solutions for solving one of the greatest challenges our world faces: climate change.

Brandon Stover
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How to Start a Career

The step by step guide to land your dream job and have lifetime of purposeful work and career success!

Brandon Stover
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How to Find Your Purpose

Discover your purpose in life, combining who you are with making an impact in the world, and learn the proven tools and strategies to achieve it.

Brandon Stover
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How to Learn Anything

Learn the science based tools of pro learners to become smarter, remember more, and master any hard skills.

Brandon Stover
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How to Start a Podcast

The step by step guide to launch a successful podcast without any tech skills or experience producing content!

Brandon Stover
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what's The Problem?

We Are In The Age Of Polycrisis

Meaning Crisis

91% of people express the importance of living life with a sense of purpose. Yet, there are increases in anxiety disorders, depression, and despair around the world and suicide is a leading cause of death in the U.S.

Education Crisis

Higher education is expected an additional 200 million new students by 2030. However, there is expected to be a $8.5 trillion loss due to a shortage of skilled talent. Clearly, education is falling short of actually preparing skilled students while simultaneously costing too much, as 62% students worlwide still don't gain access.

Planetary Crisis

Climate change, poverty, pandemics, social conflict — the global challenges needing solutions are beginning to stack up. Progress towards solving them are grim with more than 50 percent of targets of the SDGs being weak and insufficient, while 30 percent have stalled or gone into reverse.

what's the Solution?

education can change everything


When students feel a sense of purpose connected with what they are learning, they are highly motivated, improve academic performance, increase mental health, and develop a love for life long learning.

Economic Progress & Personal Growth

Problem-solving is one of the most sought-after skills employers look for in potential hires. With the right education, students can be prepared to tackle any problem, professionally or personally.

Global Solutions

Education underlies all other complex problems in our society. If we solve the problems in the education system, we can prepare students with the skills they need to solve all other global problems.

How Do We Tackle The Crisis?

mission Driven Education for all

Education is a human right and the most powerful leverage point for the betterment of humanity. For this reason, we provide free access to online, mission-driven, supplemental courses that cover skills not taught in traditional universities with a focus on solving the world's greatest challenges.

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Plato University Education Model
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Our Learners Say it Best

Reviewer Headshot
Courtney Laschkewitsch
Open Innovation Product Developer

Holy cow. Brandon is the real deal. I've taken many many courses on many platforms from others, and I will have to say, when I took his Podcast Course, it was one of the best courses, material, and set up I have ever seen. No fluff, no wasting your time, actionable reachable SMART steps necessary to help you learn the skill and succeed. We need more people with the skills Brandon has!

Reviewer Headshot
Chase Morris
UX Motion Designer @ UX in Motion

"Coming into the Plato community gave me the accountability, made what I wanted to accomplish completely achievable, and also it was just completely fun."

Reviewer Headshot
Pam Davis
Class Coach @ JRNI

"I am not a techy person so was unsure of what was to come. Help was there and Brandon literally thought of everything. I loved how the program was broken down into manageable chunks. With patience and knowledge, Brandon guided us to come up with WHY of doing our unique podcast. We had a meaningful focus as we built each part. I am grateful for the experience and support that I received and would highly recommend working with Brandon Stover. You will receive more than you expect and be equipped to build your podcast and bring your voice to the world."

Reviewer Headshot
Stacy Kehren Idema
Business & Performance Coach

"I loved Brandon's approach, his teaching style, and his support structure that enables you to launch your podcast (and be able to monetize it) in 60 days. The program takes you from the very beginning stages through the journey to monetization. I was able to launch my podcast in less than 6 months and leveraged the material over and over again while writing, hosting, producing 50 podcast episodes of my 1st podcast. His material was top-notch and reusable. I can't wait to launch my 2nd podcast!"

Reviewer Headshot
Harrison Goldstein
Product & Partnerships @ Tradable Bits, Host of First Act Podcast

"I came to Brandon through his course on how to start your own podcast. Brandon's episodes stood out to me by how well organized they were. His ideas are clearly articulated and he breaks down exactly how to understand your target audience. Brandon is smart, approachable, friendly, and helpful. Highly recommend!"

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