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Who are the nobles?

Become a Noble

The Nobles fund our overhead and fuel our mission to provide free education for the betterment of humanity. Like any startup, we need visionary investors who believe in and support our business model, so we can stay focused on what matters most: changing education. Since we can’t offer stock options or the promise of a big buyout to our generous investors, our Nobles’ ROI is measured in the number of people whose lives are transformed by education.

Team & Culture

The Nobles allow us to hire top talent and cultivate a healthy team culture.

100% Promise

The Nobles enable our 100% Promise that all public donations go directly to student's education.

Sustainable Strategy

The Nobles give us a predictable runway so we can execute our long-term strategy.

Why is the mission nobels support?

why education is crucial for humanity

What Has Been Your Impact So Far?

Here's Our Impact So Far

Solutions to global challenges can come from anyone, anywhere. We're on a mission provide free education for the betterment of humanity, and with the help of generous supporters like you, we're getting closer every day.

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What is your master plan?

But We Could Do So Much More

Free Online Courses

In Stage 1, our focus is to provide free online courses covering topics that are not covered in traditional universities with an emphasis on solving individual and global challenges. These courses are widely distributed through podcasts and YouTube to reach as many people as possible. Additional resources and further learning material will provided on the Plato platform.

Live Fellowship Programs

In Stage 2 we will deliver live, 12 week fellowship programs where students declare missions, rather than majors, and master skills associated with their chosen mission. Students will work alongside other fellows on real world projects associated with their mission and skill based curriculum. The fellowship will serve as evidence for accreditation.

Decentralized Learning Hubs

Stage 3 will be acquiring real estate across the country (and globe eventually) for multi-use buildings where students can live and learn alongside other fellows. Students will be allowed to move between these hubs to locate themselves for the best environment and opportunities for resources necessary to learn skills for achieving their missions.

What's Going on Behind the Scenes?

Here's Where we Are now

Currently we are in Stage 1, building out our core curriculum surrounding skills needed to solve global challenges. During this stage our work consists of course creation, development, and distribution.

Our Operating Costs

What Can I do to help?

Here's How You Can Help


Board of Directors

In order to achieve official non-profit status, we need a board of directors for Plato University. The board will be responsible for direction of the University and be evangelists for it's promotion. We are looking for those that have expertise and networks in online education, AI technology, real estate, media, and non-profits.


Filing and Securing Non-profit Status

Once a board is chosen, Plato University will need to file for non-profit status. Lawyer fees for doing so can vary depending on the complexity of the organization. We're a university. It's going to be complex. We're expecting $10-$20K in fees for this.


Hiring Course Production Team

Stage one is all about course production. To efficiently and effectively create courses, we'd like to hire an in house production team beyond our volunteers. These would include content creators, video and audio editors, and marketing teams.

Let's change education together.

Become a Noble